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what they say...

Robert Genovesi,

Blanc IND group


At a time when I found myself alone as a newly-hired art department manager!I was fortunate enough to have a colleague of a colleague refer Dana to me. After two designers went on emergency medical leave at about the same time, I was able to hire Dana to help me pick up the slack in a crashing department. Being new to the company myself I had no time to properly train her or ease her into the role as designer. The department was two weeks behind schedule and lacking manpower. Dana confidently jumped right in and owned the work, took initiative and completed task after task without much direction from me. She has complete command of the Adobe Creative Suite and didn't need to bog me down with trivial questions about how to do the job. She just did it. And she did it well. Dana was there when I needed her and with an exceptional "will-do" attitude to boot. She is very easy to be around and built immediate rapport with her new associates. Her experience is apparent in the smart and relevant questions she did ask. Dana worked with me and made a huge impact on getting us back on schedule. I will forever appreciate her agreeable attitude and hard work. If one of the two designers on medical leave did not return I would have surely hired Dana as a full-time staff member. Our loss will be her next employers gain. She is truly a rare talent.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about my experience working with Dana.

jim megletti,

PBJ Stores

Dana Deroche-Barry was employed at PB&J Stores to initially design an ecommerce website for us. After seeing her design being built right before our eyes we were so impressed that we had Dana do such things as corporate logos ready for print and digital mediums, business cards, graphics, marketing campaigns, advertising and on-site photography. I would highly recommend Dana to fill any corporate needs utilizing her vast areas of knowledge. Her skills are beyond extraordinary with a devoted enthusiasm towards getting the task done right the first time. She possesses an acute mindset to see and understand what we were asking for in layman terms and convert that to the actual technology output. Dana's work ethics are above any that I have encountered in all my years in business. She was devoted to all tasks she was assigned and finished all the projects ahead of her own set schedule. Dana will be an asset to any organization that is looking for the best dedicated person to accomplish the tasks at hand. 

Russ guido

The Graphic Center

I dealt with Dana for nearly 14 years, and always found her to be detailed-oriented and passionate about producing excellent work. It also needs to be said, that Dana has always demonstrated high levels of character, not only in her business dealings, but also in her personal life. 
Dana understands her value extends beyond basic art and communications. Whether it is a sticky problem, an emergency job, or a challenging project, her customer service ethos drives extra effort on behalf of the customer. Good success formula!