Digital Artist





With a degree in the fine arts, Dana Deroche-Barry has over 10 years’ experience as a marketing manager, graphic designer, account executive, brand development and management as well as front end web design, UX design, collateral development, tradeshows and social media. Dana uses her talent and imagination to bring an extra measure of style and vitality to the pieces she produces. Dana can be relied on to carry the production process through from concept to pre-press and has been trusted with large volume jobs, where a single miscue could cost thousands of dollars. Dana comes through, even under tight deadlines. An added benefit is the fact that Dana is a very literate person who, in the course of her work, serves as an extra proofreader with an excellent eye for spelling and punctuation errors. As a serious artist (the recipient of many prestigious awards) and a person of culture, Dana contributes to the successful chemistry of any creative department. Winner of NJ Top 20 under age 40 Entrepreneurs 2012,